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      The Association of Men of Kent & Kentish Men 
  Welcome to an 'Association of Friends of Kent'
Founded in 1897 our Association was born with the aim of creating an association
that would further the good name of Kent and its people and we now have branches throughout Kent
Our growing membership comprises 'Friends of Kent' of all ages, backgrounds and types since it is
all things 'Kentish' that unites us all.  Throughout our existence, as well as looking to our future, it
is a sense of loyalty, history and community that inspires us to serve this great county of ours by
being an active member of the Kent County Society.
We are honored to have His Royal Highness Prince Edward, The Duke of Kent, as our Patron, who
continues to actively support our objectives at both County and Branch level and we also have a long association with HMS Kent, currently on deployment in the Gulf.
We strive to help to protect and preserve all that is best in the countryside, villages, towns and
cities of Kent and to bring people of like mind together from all parts of the county.
Please click through our website and especially read our About Us page, our Chairmans page and visit our Gallery, Library, Reading Room and Membership pages to find out more.
Our News & Events page shows you our current plans for the year and you will find out what each branch is planning via Our Branches and their associated pages.

Updated note to members as of 21st Jan 2016:
Sincere apologies for the ongoing delay in updating the calendar (and other pages).

I have now uploaded a temporary copy of the 2016 Calendar onto the Calendar page 
as well as providing a downloadable/printable version in a new 'download area'.

           Please click here to visit the downloads area.
To summarise, there has been a significant issue with the hosting servers which I hope
is now rectified. Assuming this is the case, I will be updating the site throughout over
the next few days.
My apologies for the delay - due to circumstances outside of my control.
Please feel free to contact us for more information about this great Rugby club and annual event
or visit their site directly at the Deal & Batteshanger Lions RFC website.
Once again, welcome to our website and our thank you for visiting us today.
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