Service to Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Coronation of HM Queen Elizabeth II

On 4 June 2013 I was privileged to represent the Association at the service in Westminster Abbey to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Queen's coronation, having been among the nominations from Kent selected by our President, the Lord Lieutenant.

The Queen smiles as she talks to the Dean of Westminster.
Photograph: BBC News

The occasion was not only historic but a wonderful example of that unique British ability to stage impeccable ceremony.

The Queen's Coronation Service at Westminster Abbey.
Photograph: Mirror Group

Needless to say, the service was most impressively staged and the atmosphere was charged throughout with a sense of patriotic fervour, expressing a collective gratitude for the example and dedication of a much loved Sovereign.

Never had I previously heard the National Anthem sung so enthusiastically and I came away feeling as never before how fortunate we are under the Monarchy and by contrast how undoubtedly poorer our lot would be under a republic.

It was an occasion which I shall remember for the rest of my life; I am most grateful to have been nominated.

Gp Capt Trevor Dole

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