The History of the Kent County Society.

The Association has a long history of over a hundred years, being founded by ten business men who met at the Holborn Viaduct hotel in 1897. Their declared aim was to create an association that would further the good name of Kent and its people. They established the City of London branch, which continued to meet regularly until 1971. Other branches soon followed.

The society has changed several times over the years. During World War Two, most societies closed for the duration, being re-formed once hostilities were over.

The Aims and Objects of the Society are:

To encourage good fellowship and citizenship and a sense of pride in the historic county of Kent.

To protect the magnificent heritage of our towns and villages and the beauty of the countryside.

To encourage and recognise educational activities in the youth of the County.

To maintain a library of County literature and works by Kentish authors and to preserve records of historic and general interest in the County.

To administer a Benevolent Fund.

To promote interaction between members at Branch level through social and sporting activities.

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