A Lottery Ode

by Ken Palmer

I have read the Treasurers report
And the letter from our Chairman Mick
So I wonder if I should take action
And do it mightily quick.

They ask me to take part in the Lottery
It’s something I have not done before
I wonder if maybe I have missed out
On prizes that may come to my door.

I see it is £10 for one ticket
That’s only 20p for each week
Maybe I should think about joining
So that the prizes I am able to seek.

I know I won’t win a million
But perhaps £100 would be good
So if I think about joining
I really believe that I should.

Can I actually afford just £10
Maybe I could give a bit more
I would then have a much better chance
Of prizes coming to my front door.

I see this would help the finances
The association would be well on its way
And if I won £100
I could shout “Hip Hip Hooray”

So I will pick up the form that’s been sent me
And for my entry I will fill it in
And post it to the promoter
And make sure it’s not put in the bin.

Thanks to our sponsor.

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