Mrs. H. E. Norman

Members and friends may not yet have heard of the recent death of Mrs. Norman, she was always ‘Elizabeth’ to her family including those in her Association ‘family’ .

Elizabeth joined the Association in the late 1970s, becoming our Secretary in 1981 and beginning a near 20 year period during which she served the Association quite unstintingly.

The support she gave to various Chairmen and to the Executive Committee was delivered without any fuss but, just sometimes, with a degree of firmness when she judged that the very best ambitions of the Association were not being fully respected.

She held the Association very close to her heart and those working closely with her held her in the very highest regard.

 Elizabeth suffered a worrying health problem in 1997 (by now she was in her late 70s) and she decided to retire in 1998. She moved out of the County down to Romsey (taking a Life Membership with her), so as to be closer to her son and his family. Despite her years, she led an active life, still driving, joining local organisations and, of course, spending more time in the company of her loved ones.

The writer and so many more of us will have our personal memories of Elizabeth; a true lady. She will be sadly missed.

Ray Clark 

Isobel Pullen and Donald Beerling

The Canterbury Branch sadly reports the deaths of two of its long standing members: Isobel Pullen and Donald Beerling. Isobel had been a very faithful member of the branch and had been on the Committee for many years, helping to organise our events and outings.

She will be particularly remembered for the times we were able to go to rehearsals of the Trooping of the Colour Parade and she was looking at it again at the time of her sudden death. She was also someone who really enjoyed the Branch Representative Conferences and so met members from other branches.

Don Beerling, with his wife Poppy, had acquired the Dominican Priory in 1969 and had lovingly restored it as a very popular Community resource for the citizens of Canterbury.

We were one of many organisations who had the privilege of using it for various functions, including our meetings, talks and whist evenings and both Don and Poppy made us very welcome.

They were very faithful members of our Branch and we do send Poppy our deepest sympathy and look forward to seeing her in the future but, sadly, without Don and no longer will we be able to meet with them at the Priory.

Tricia Shephard

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