Orpington Branch

by Iain Pringle

Branches having to be completely self-supporting financially, nearly had us “kaput” of late, due to lesser door monies taken. However, we are suriviving. We have a brand-new (really), well appointed and cheaper venue, at nearby Chelsfield, and are snuggling down there for the Winter.

I have been scrabbling about, trying to find a group pic of our smiling faces at Pevensey Bay last Spring, after a pleasant, well priced lunch there. But I cant, so hence no picture on this page. We hope to go there again, you see, on May 15th. It’s called ‘The Moorings’, (much nearer the water and it would be called ‘The Floatings’).

There is an Orpington Business Improvement District talker that I’m trying to trace, and another on Animal Vivisection, (its necessity?), for our delectation and education, both to be confirmed.

Thanks to our sponsor.

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