News from Cantium Lodge.

A Note from the Treasurer

by Colin Stevens

For its previous two accounting years the Association has recorded surpluses, albeit quite small. In part this has helped your Committee in its decision not to review subscription levels just yet.

This year I have projected forward for its remainder and can foresee a small deficit on the horizon. In preparing this view, I have estimated that subscription income will be down, despite the herculean effects of Messrs. Maylam and Richman in their pursuit of Corporate Members. Expenses will have increased slightly. This likely deficit I consider to be sustainable and a yard stick for the need to seek further economies in 2014.

... also from the Treasurer.

As you know we care for our County and all that it embraces we also care about its people, this is illustrated via our Benevolent Fund, especially toward those less fortunate than others.

The Benevolent Fund is a registered Charity quite separate from our general activities. It possesses its own portfolio of investments producing its own income which is over seen by a Committee of Almoners, members of the Association, who distribute support to elderly and infirm people living in Kent for whom the amount received will be welcomed. The Fund has income enough to accept a few more beneficiaries and the Committee of Almoners would be pleased to receive any recommendations for those needing support.

I suggest that Members contact their Branch Secretary who will inform Cantium Lodge of elderly people who may be living in hard times. …even more from the Treasurer.

As we have decided against any rise in annual subscription rates, at least for the time being, it is important to attract and introduce new members to our Association, the Kent County Society. This will help bolster our register of subscriptions and further the likelihood of more members supporting our ‘500 Club Lottery’, now being operated by Ken Palmer, having taken over from his brother who ran the lottery so successfully for some 17 years.

There is more information about the 2014 Lottery together with an entry form in this magazine. The Association needs your support, so please, enter TODAY!

Where there is a Will there is a way to help.

The Association relies on the generosity of our Members who choose to make bequests in their Wills because they have enjoyed the social aspects of the Association and they feel that our Aims are worthwhile and should be perpetuated.

To make this an easy operation the Association has produced a Codicil which can be easily filled in and then posted to your solicitor and for it then to be simply pinned to the copy of the Will which he is holding for you.  The Codicil sets out easy options such as: Do you want to leave a specific amount to the AMKKM or would you prefer to leave a percentage of the Residue after specific gifts have been made?

For those kind people who have asked about the above or are thinking that they would like to make a valuable gift then the Codicil Forms are available from Cantium Lodge or from your Branch Secretary.  

Get a copy of the Codicil and have a look at it.

We thank you in anticipation.

Thanks to our sponsor.

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