Who were the Men of Kent?

According to tradition, the first Men of Kent were Jutes who settled in the east of the county some 1500 years ago, whilst the Kentish Men were of Saxon origin and settled in the west of the county.

The traditional dividing line is the River Medway. North and west of the Medway are Kentish Men, south and east of the river are Men of Kent.

In 1066 the Men of Kent showed their spirit by resisting William the Conqueror, and obtained an honourable peace settlement which gave them certain rights, whilst the Kentish Men surrendered.

The motto of the county is Invicta - Undefeated, and is said to date back to this period.

The White Horse of Kent is the old symbol for the Jutish kingdom of Kent, dating from the 6th - 8th century.

Kingdom of Kent from the 5th century to 871

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